テスト(Shin Godzilla)

2016 work, general manager Hideaki Anno, Manager Shinji Higuchi, special ability supervision, Hiromi Hasegawa, Satomi Ishihara, Yutaka Takenouchi appearance.

An unidentified collapse accident occurred in Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line of the Tokyo Bay Haneda offing, and I received this, and each staff officer including Prime Minister Seiji Okochi (Ren Osugi) was called in the official residence, and an emergency meeting was opened.
"The cause of the accident was an earthquake, or the guess called the thing by the natural disaster such as the eruption of the submarine volcano" was put up in a meeting, and a conclusion was going to be touched in the direction. Except only one man.
Yaguchi orchid temple (Hiromi Hasegawa) where the name of the man acts as a Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary.
Only he suggested the possibility that the thing due to "the huge creature which inhabited the bottom of the sea" assumed a cause. But naturally I could not believe it, and other cabinet ministers who included Hideki Akasaka (Yutaka Takenouchi) of the aide Prime Minister in the idea that it was too strange, and was unrealistic denied it laughingly.
And the thing such as a powerful tail appears from a moment, the water that thought that underwater abnormality fever was settled once. A huge creature theory became the thing which was reality at a stretch.
However, concerning an aquatic, as for the huge thing, as for the landing, it seemed with impossibility in the land that I could not keep self-respect, but the huge creature began to sail up the river, and the damage opened from the Ota-ku area.
And the huge creature which got out of the river starts progress at last while giving serious damage. ... which the people fell into great confusion for this unprecedented situation and the government to see this installed the emergency headquarter and treated a huge creature as a harmful animal, and gave a dispatch order to the Self-Defense Forces under the name of the extermination

What kind of work do Japanese Godzilla for the first time in 12 years, Japan of the head family make after a long absence? I attracted attention.
It is a pair called Shinji Higuchi for Hideaki Anno, supervision, a special ability supervisor for a general manager. I made full use of CG, and Mansai Nomura was appointed as an actor of the motion capture of the Godzilla and was announced open yesterday and appeared in credit. Where did you appear? (^^) where it was harked back to
Oh, a foreword attracted attention, but I begin with an abnormal fever phenomenon in Tokyo Bay for the breath and drift mainly on a correspondence drama of the government from there.
I wanted to minimize the spoiling, but "the harmful animal" and the figure of the expressed landing were slightly unexpected profound knowledge first. Oh? Oh? Oh? To be frank, is feeling a confrontation thing? I misunderstood .
The great force as the huge creature sold well, and what kind of response do you give if, anyway, a huge creature appears now? I think that it was the work only by the present times when I investigated reality thoroughly.
But was it to live on Godzilla if I said something? I thought of . On the contrary, did you want to describe reality in Godzilla? I may get so it.